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Free from fluorocarbons

We have banned PFCs from our production

Have you ever noticed how water beads on a shell jacket, and then runs off? It is the jacket’s impregnation that makes this possible. However, the most durable and effective surface treatments contain perfluorinated chemicals known as PFCs. Fjällräven has from the summer collection of 2015 changed to PFC free impregnation of all products concerned. This has called for close cooperation with suppliers who produce water and dirt-repelling treatments, trims and accessories.

Since 2012 we have only used fluorocarbon-free impregnation in the production of our waterproof garments. Since 2015, all Fjällräven products on the market have fluorocarbon-free impregnation.

Re-impregnating fluorocarbon-free

As we have decided not to use this effective, yet environmentally harmful impregnation, you will need to re-impregnate your garment with a fluorocarbon-free treatment about every second time you wash it. So the impregnation needs to be renewed a little more often than before, but this is something that we at Fjällräven see as a reasonable compromise in exchange for avoiding spreading toxins in the environment.

Ask for a fluorocarbon-free impregnation spray in your outdoor store next time you visit. Some can be washed into the garments, and others are sprayed on.

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