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Which tent are you?

Choosing a tent can be the biggest, and most important, decision you ever make as an outdoor enthusiast. It is not that dissimilar to buying a house. It is an important purchase and you should feel happy with your choice for many years to come.

It is unnecessary to carry too much weight but at the same time it isn’t smart to be mean with space to save a couple hundred grams. Fjällräven’s tents range from the comfortable, airy Abisko View that is best in the summer, to a specialised winter tent for expeditions: Polar Endurance. In between these two there are no absolute truths.

If you like a lot of space, choose a tent with an extra large vestibule or space for three when there are only two of you. Even if there are four of you in the family, it can be better to have two tents as this makes packing much more fl exible. A four-man tent is cosy but more diffi cult to fi nd a place to pitch too.

Think about what kind of trips you usually take, how do you use your tent and how do you want to use your tent in the future? Compare this with what kind of tent you have today and what you think your current tent is missing. Here you can fi nd a quick guide to diff erent outdoor profi les and tents that suit them. On the following pages you can find more in-depth information about each tent.