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Tencel® lyocell

A natural material

Tencel® from Lenzing Fibres, or lyocell as the generic fibre is called, is a natural material. Tencel® is made from the cellulose of fast-growing trees, among them eucalyptus that is grown in sustainable plantations. The manufacturing process is gentle on the environment and as much as possible is recycled and reused. This is the reason behind Tencel® being awarded with ”The European Award for the Environment” by the EU.
The environmental aspect is of course a strong reason for us to use Tencel® in our clothing. In addition, the fabric is comfortable to wear and has great functional properties.

Functional fibre that drapes well

Tencel® is a functional fabric with many advantages. It is cool to wear and softer against the skin than, for example, cotton. Tencel® transports moisture effectively and can absorb 50 percent more water than cotton. This makes it a perfect choice on hot summer days or when travelling in warm climates.

Pure Tencel® has an almost silky feel and drapes well. The material is also hardwearing and tolerates washing well. In our garments, we often blend Tencel® with other materials, for example wool and organic cotton, to make the most of the positive characteristics of the different fibres. 

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