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G-1000 Air

G-1000 Air

Increased airiness – ideal for summer trekking

• Un-waxed for greater ventilation
• Lightweight
• Made from sustainable materials

With G-1000 Air we’ve taken warm climate trekking up a notch. This extra lightweight material is even airier than G-1000 Lite, as it has a looser weave and it’s not waxed, allowing for much better airflow. Although this does mean it no longer offers resistance to wet and windy weather or mosquitos. It is airy, comfortable and dries in the blink of an eye. Products made in G-1000 Air are designed for heat, blazing sun and other variables that come with new adventures. Light, highly breathable and durable. G-1000 Air is unwaxed to ensure the best possible airflow and is made from recycled polyester and organic cotton.

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  1. Travellers Vest

    Travellers Vest

    Versatile travel vest with a simple design made from G-1000 Air. Lots of practical pockets...
  2. Abisko Shade Trousers W Regular

    Abisko Shade Trousers W Regular

    Lightweight, cool outdoor trousers with maximum air circulation in warm climates. Made fro...
  3. Abisko Shade Shorts W

    Abisko Shade Shorts W

    Light, airy shorts for travelling and trekking in warm climates. Made from G-1000 Air with...
  4. Abisko Shade Tunic W

    Abisko Shade Tunic W

    Light, comfortable tunic with an attractive fit made from well-ventilated G-1000 Air. Half...
  5. Travellers Shorts W

    Travellers Shorts W

    Light, cool travel shorts in highly ventilating G-1000 Air. Slits at the sides, folded up ...
  6. Travellers Trousers

    Travellers Trousers

    Light, highly-ventilated travel trousers in G-1000 Air that is comfortably cool in warm cl...
  7. Travellers Shorts

    Travellers Shorts

    Light and comfortable travel shorts in highly ventilating G-1000 Air. Knee-length model wi...
  8. Kids Abisko Shade Trousers

    Kids Abisko Shade Trousers

    Light, cool outdoor trousers in G-1000 Air for juniors. Optimised for warm climates with a...
  9. Kids Abisko Shade Shorts

    Kids Abisko Shade Shorts

    Light, cool shorts for juniors. Made from G-1000 Air and designed for maximum ventilation ...
  10. Sun Cap

    Sun Cap

    Extra light, airy travel cap in G-1000 Air with a detachable protective neck flap. Perfect...
  11. Wide Sun Cap

    Wide Sun Cap

    Smart cap that can be transformed into a sun visor. A detachable protective neck flap and ...
  12. Abisko Shade Shorts

    Abisko Shade Shorts

    Light, airy shorts for travelling and trekking in warm climates. Made from G-1000 Air with...